Advertising Banners and Flags Are Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business

Marketing colorful banners and flags provide marketing at the source. There are many ways you can use banner displays and flags, for example outside your store or business, or inside a trade show booth, but one thing is for sure they are necessary to create a promotional punch.


Marketing banners and flags are an effective solution to announce your business to the world, because they are so versatile, plus they are super easy to assemble and display.


They will definitely capture the eyes of potential customers, even before they step inside your store or trade shows.

Advantages Benefits of Marketing Banners and Flags

Retractable Banner Stands

They are very easy to set up and you can do it in no time. To set up the display all you have to do is extend the pole and raise the banner. Because they are lightweight and easy to transport you can place it anywhere you want. So look for the most strategic place in your store or at a trade show.


You can choose many banner stand models, you can even select optional spotlights to get more attention.


Is a good idea to place the banner stand in a location with a lot of oncoming traffic to maximize the exposure.


You can also hang the banner outside your store. This is very useful to promote a business.




Because your customers can easily identify your business even if they are driving by.


If you have a limited budget for advertisement you can easily print a vinyl banner and hung it between posts or trees, or you can use non retracting displays.

Non retracting displays are less expensive, because they only consist in the banner, and some support poles. This type of displays offers flexibility but it will take more time to set up and you should be very careful transporting the banner, because there is no aluminium base.


Retractable and non retractable banners are great for street fairs or outdoors events.

Advertising Flags

Advertising flags are great for creating impact, no matter if it is outside or indoors.


But what exactly is an advertising flag?


They are printed cloth with feather or teardrop shapes. For a more dramatic effect is better if multiple flags are displayed side by side.


You can customize your advertising flags with graphics, and you can choose to printed them in one, two, three or full color, but remember you can only printed on one side of the fabric.


But you can also sewn together two flags so you can read in both direction.


There are several options available, depending where the flags will be located. You can use advertising flags indoor and outdoor.


For example, indoor flags can be located at waiting rooms, lobbies or conference rooms. Of course the flag is smaller and in most cases is mounted on a metal lightweight base, so they can be easily installed and moved.


Outdoor flags can be stick into the ground, or in a base with sand or water to keep them from flying away. They are great for outdoor events, storefronts and drive-thru entrances.

Mobile Displays

Mobile displays also known as backpack banners are the ones someone wears to walk around. They are comfortable and the best thing is that the person who wears them can actually talk to potential clients.


The advertising banner or custom flag is attach to a backpack. This amazing design leaves the hands free and allows to storage brochures, business cards and samples in the backpack pocket, to be handed to potential customers.


Is a great way to promote your business in a unique different way.


Advertising your brand and business with banners and custom flags is a great way to make people notice you. Make sure you use bright and colorful graphics, to catch the attention of your potential customer. Also is important to decide which type of banner or flag is best for you. Planning an advertising strategy will save you money, time and ultimately result in more profits. So make sure to check out all the options available and choose the one that is right for you and your business. Remember the purpose of advertising banners and custom flags is to create more attention to your product, brand or business.